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We grow and sell one of the largest selection of chilli plants in the UK. Choose from a wide variety of chillies such as Chocolate Habanero, Royal Black, Jalapeno, Naga, Pimientos de Padrón, and Riot. Chilli plants can be grown indoor or outside, can produce hundreds of chillies, and make great presents for gardeners looking for interesting plants.

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On line shop for you to buy great chilli plants and seedlings delivered directly to your door, also loads of chilli seeds and growing equipment to get your chilli plants started.

Growing Chillies Info

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Loads of great chilli growing information to help you grow your perfect chilli plant. Find out how best to water your chilli plant, when to feed or if your chilli is been eaten alive by aphids how to get rid of them

Chilli Growing Blog

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You can get all our rambling and current news from our chilli growing blog. Keep up to date with our current growing advice and tips