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We have put together a small chilli directory to enable you to quickly navigate the web discovering the world of chillies in the UK

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UK’s leading chilli deli with the largest online range, featuring some of the finest hot sauces, marinades, salsas, dressings, rubs, dips, snacks and relishes that the world has to offer.


Importer and distributor of speciality hot Chile sauces, snacks and chilli pepper products.

Dr. Burnorium’s Hot Sauce Emporium

All the gods of the hot sauce world are here; Blair’s Death Sauce, Dave’s Insanity Sauce, Mad Dog, Pain Is Good and Marie Sharp’s to name but a few. Worship them at your leisure. Or should that be pain.

Chilli Bugs Hot Sauces Limited

Over 750 different types of chilli sauces, chilli salsas, chilli pickles, dried chilli peppers, chilli chocolate & sweets, fiery snacks, hot jams & peanut butters and smoky hot BBQ Sauces.

Eureka Foods

Each has its own distinctive flavour relating to the specific FRESH Chilli content, unfortunately not our fresh chillies

The Chilli Pepper Company

The chilli pepper company supply seeds to grow the hottest chillies in the world, they also supply many other chilli products such as crazy hot oils and extracts for the complete chilli head

Cocoa Loco.

Delicious organic chocolate gifts that you or your friends will love to eat. Check them out at West Dean Chilli festival where they do amazing fresh chillies coated in chocolate, we supply the chillies, they do the rest

Cheeky Chile Company

Let’s start by saying, we love chillies ! In fact, love doesn’t even come close to it, we are obsessed with them. We have been growing our own hot chilli peppers for 13 years now and have been supplying quality chilli seeds for home growing since 2005….

Chilli Sauce makers

Chilli Pepper Pete

Wide range of chilli products such as dried and fresh Chillies, home-made pickles and sauces, powders and crushes, various herbs and spices, seeds and oils.

The Chilli Jam Company

Tessa makes loads of different relish, chutneys, jams and sauces in her kitchen in Emsworth

Trees Can’t Dance

Up until Lord of the rings this was probably true, oh, and their sauces are well worth a try

Eureka Foods

They make 3 hot sauces, all are very good

The relish in Spice Company

Very proud of their Observer Business Award

Gringley Gringo

Gringley Gringo in the village of Gringley-On-The-Hill in Nottinghamshire, supplying a range of high quality chilli products.

The Chilli Garden

The Chilli Garden is a small family run business situated in a wooded vale in the Hampshire countryside. Selling sauces, pickles and fresh chillies

Chilli Creation Limited

They grow their own chillies and do not use any chemicals in the process. Produce pastes and pickles. Also no artificial additives, colourings or preservatives are in their products.


Lee Everett Alkin, former wife of DJ and comedian Kenny Everett, has developed these fantastic chilli products and each one is specially designed as an ideal sauce, condiment, cooking ingredient or marinade for different food types.


A small, Italian chilli food company based in Stanwick (Northants) which encourages people to embrace and experiment with chillies from the growing to the cooking.

Mr. Singh’s

Produce a punjabi chilli sauce called Dynamite, a mix between chilli and soy sauce

Chilli growers

Dry River Chillies Plants and fresh chillies available online

South Devon Chilli Farm Many varieties of chillies for sale, also sauces Peppers by Post Michael and Joy Michard – does what the label says. Home of the Dorset Naga

Chillis Galore Chillis Galore are Richard (knickname Wilf) & Kathy, who started growing chillis 17 years ago in Norwich, U. K. Great website including a forum.

Chilli Peppers Online Mid Devon Chilli Farm. Jon and Sandy Rose

little Green Men Funny small green man from Chorley

The Chilli Garden The Chilli Garden is a small family run business situated in a wooded vale in the Hampshire countryside. Selling sauces, pickles and fresh chillies

Anna Valley Chillies We are a family, passionate about spicy food and as a result, have been successfully growing and sellling chillies for the past seven years. We live in Andover in the lush Test Valley in the South of England which has a wonderful warm climate – ideal for encouraging our healthy interest in chillies.

Cooking with Chillies Turn up the heat with cooking with chillies, they run excellent cooking courses in Nottingham for people wishing to learn how to cook with chillies and a range of other not so spicy ingredients

The BBC online cooking with chillies page

The pungent chilli has played an important role in cuisines the world over, adding a distinctive kick to many a dish.

Easy Dinner Recipes

EasyDinnerRecipes was formed to offer a unique reference point on a complete range of easy to make dinner recipes. Check out their recipes in the spicy and hot meals category

cool chile Co

London based company selling a large selection of dried chiles (whole and powdered), Mexican cooking ingredients and sauces.

General chilli Information The home of the world’s most comprehensive, fully illustrated chile database. Chillies, chilli, paprika, capsicums or chili peppers, it doesn’t matter what you call them the chileman have detailed information on 3705 varieties. . Propagators and hydo systems

Chili peppers and their various cultivars originate in the Americas; they are now grown around the world because they are widely used as spices or vegetables in cuisine, and as medicine.

Chilli seeds Suppliers of quality chile seeds and mind blowing hot sauces

Dry River Chillies

Thats us, suppliers of chilli plants, fresh and dried chillies, and advice on growing

The Chilli Pepper Company

Specialise in supplying chilli seeds and a selection of rare and unusual tomato seeds

International Chilli sites Saga Jolokia: The Story of the Hottest Pepper. The Indians were right! They do indeed have the hottest pepper in the world, proven in tests in three countries.

Cross Country Nurseries in USA, very good source of information